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Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Commercial Mortgage?

Do You Have a Maturing, Late, Defaulted or Foreclosure Commercial Loan Scenario and cannot refinance due to LTV, Cash Flow or Other Conditions?

We Can Help You Maintain The Property and Keep Cash Flowing!

We Can Help You Restructure Your Existing Commercial Loan Avoiding Foreclosure and
Eliminate Many Fees while Lowering Your Monthly Payment

Did You Know?

* You're Not Alone - More Than 2 Trillion Dollars in Commercial Loans are Coming Due by 2022.
* Save Thousands - The Cost is About 1/3 The Cost of Traditional Refinancing with Many of The Same Benefits.
* Save Time - Commercial Modifications Are Usually Done Within A Few Weeks.

Your Commercial Mortgage Can Be Restructured :
* Current but facing Maturity and Not Able to Make Balloon Payment Due to Cash Flow Issues
* If In Receivership or Even if Hearing Has Been Set
* If in Default Now
* If in Foreclosure Process Now
* If Late (up to 1yr)
* New IRS Rule Makes CMBS Loan Restructuring Possible Even If Not In Default

This is NOT a Refinance .
You CAN Restructure Your Existing Commercial Loan and Benefit in One or More Ways.

* You Can Lower Your Monthly Payments
* Reduce Interest Rate
* Stop Receivership and Restructure
* End Foreclosure Process
* Conversion To Interest Only
* 2 - 5yr Extension or more
* Lengthening of Amortization Schedule
* Reduction or Elimination of Late Fees / Penalties
* Extension of Maturity Date


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